Patio & Sunrooms Options

Read About Our Most Popular Custom Patio Covers

Whether you are looking to enclose an existing patio or design your own custom patio covers, Mr. Siding has the expertise to help you.Our most popular enclosure systems are constructed with either screen or vinyl pane windows. We can build custom patio covers to almost any design.

Glass Enclosures

Glass enclosures allow for the addition of air conditioning. They add the highest amount of value to the home, by creating a space totally enclosed from the elements with the highest level of comfort, but still allowing enjoyment of the outdoor beauty and sunshine here in Corpus Christi.

Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures allow for protection from the elements and pesky mosquitoes, but still let in fresh air and sunshine While screen enclosures do not permit air conditioning, other options, such as a ceiling fan are possible. Screen enclosures are a more economical form of the patio or sunroom.

Combination Options

We have access to custom patio covers, designed to meet your needs. There are Combination Covers that permit a solid cover connected to a lattice cover. We offer glass sunrooms, solar patio covers, lattice covers, and pool enclosures. We can discuss what you envision, the different options available, and come up with the solution that will fit your lifestyle and budget.